**BREAKING NEWS** The Birth of a Podcast!

As most of you know The Recovery Room Podcast (@RecoveryPodcast) does a lot of work with Joe Joe Keys (@JoeJoeKeys), Luppy (@Luppy1), Soul Bastards Records (@sbastards ), and Luped up records (@LupedUpRecords).

The fact of the matter is that our work with them is growing beyond what I can handle on my own any more. So we sat down with Joe and Luppy and we talked for a while and from that conversation came the birth of New Wax Podcast (@NewWax).


So with that said here is the deal…


Are you an unsigned musician? Are you struggling to get your music out there?

Or better yet…

Do you want your music heard by 2 (yes 2!) record executives?


The New Wax Podcast is your opportunity!


Here is how it works:

1)   Follow @NewWax on twitter

2)   Email your songs (MP3 format only please) to songs@bcdodge.me

3)   Your songs will be heard and reviewed by 2 record executives

4)   Watch for the episode of the podcast that your song is in. It will be played during the podcast so everyone can hear it, and a review will be included in the podcast. You might even get the chance to be on the podcast to be interviewed.

That’s it!


Are you ready?

Get set…



In this taste of what is to come we introduce the concept behind New Wax Podcast, than we talk about “Platinum Pedestal” from the band Never Green (@tomasnevergreen)


Listen to internet radio with Carl Dodge on Blog Talk Radio















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